About Music Offered

In the tradition of the iconoclastic innovators he has always admired, Aszemar Glenn creates and curates virtuosic music for OCS that is also highly accessible and versatile. He views Oregon Cascade Symphony as an organic and evolving entity, resistant to labels and excessive classification-he prefers an open, elastic approach to genre over a rigid, constrictive one. Too many restrictions can complicate music, according to Glenn, obscuring its essence. That essence is meant to be interpreted uniquely by a cadre of talented and committed musicians; artists collaborating tirelessly to do justice to the score in a way that genuinely moves and transforms an audience. That's the voyage we've embarked upon, and we sincerely hope you'll join us on the journey. Oregon Cascade Symphony

"I've learned to appreciate simplicity; all music swings if it's played from the soul." ~ Aszemar Glenn